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Gadget School Solar Eclipse Project Collection


To prepare for the Upcoming Solar Eclipse in North American on April, 8th 2024 we have put together the Gadget School - Solar Eclipse 2024 Project Collection.

Each crafted for the curious mind and the adventurous soul. This is not merely solar eclipse education. They are projects that equip us to delve into the wonders of the cosmos and allow us to share this fascination with others, spanning generations.

Solar Eclipse Logbook

The Eclipse Tracking Logbook is a printable PDF keepsake book to use for planning and viewing the upcoming Solar Eclipse.

Hemisphere Solar Tracker

The Hemisphere Solar Tracker is a device designed to observe and record the Sun's movement across the sky. It consists of a hemispherical clear globe equipped with a magnetic compass, a spirit bubble level, and a measuring swing-arm. It allows the user to track the Sun's path, transforming the abstract concept of solar movement into a tangible and interactive learning experience.

Grease Spot Photometer

This is a upcoming project that we will share the plans and 3D printer files for very soon.

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