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Welcome to SFAQT.com

Welcome to SFAQT.

The abode of Viktor Criterion and Einida Excs, alongside their vibrant assembly of comrades and confidants.

In the grand epoch of exploration and wonder, where the globe yet harbored secrets untold and realms unseen, our fellowship stands united — a venerable assembly of souls aflame with the boundless zeal for the enigmatic and the uncharted. We, the stewards of an unending quest for knowledge, trace our lineage back to the intrepid navigators who dared the wrathful embrace of the sea and the pioneers who ventured into the heart of untouched wildernesses and over towering mountains that pierced the very heavens. As artisans of innovation, as voyagers on the eternal journey of discovery, and as warriors armed with the courage to face the abyss of the unknown, our alliance is forged in the pursuit of that which lies beyond the edge of certainty.