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The Twisted Tale of Willie Seabrook and His Flesh Eating, Zombies.


As part of a lecture series for the Anomaly Archives Adventure Club, Viktor and Einida present a twisted tale about adventure writer William Buehler Seabrook. Sometimes known as Willie Seabrook.

William Seabrook was a writer whose book The Magic Island is credited as being the first to introduce the concept of the Zombie to popular culture.

The lecture is presented in two parts on the Anomaly Archives Youtube Page.

Part #1 

PART-ONE presents the story of Willy from his early days as an adventure writer to his exploits in a Paris morgue. Covering topics such as his friendship with Aleister Crowley, his work with Hearst and King features Syndicate, and his Adventures in Arabia.

Part #2

PART-TWO covers Willy’s contributions to early concepts of Zombies in America and explores how Zombie lore has evolved since their introduction into popular culture. Covering topics such as his association with Faustin Wirkus, how he inspired the first Zombie Movie, and his legacy.